Hot Stone Massage

hot-stone-massage1What is Hot Stone Massage?

Hot stone massage uses Basalt stones, which are specialist polished and hardened volcanic stones as they retain heat, and are smooth thus not damaging your skin when giving the massage.  The heat penentrates deep into the muscles, aiding a deeper relaxation, destressing the muscles and mind, and increases circluation.  Stones will be placed around and under your body, as well as giving you stones to hold, and inbetween your toes, whilst other stones are used to complete the massage.  This massage can be concentrated on specific areas, or as a full body treatment.

Hot Stone Massage benefits

The heat penentrates deep into the muscles, giving the client a deeper feeling massage, aiding a deeper muscle and tissue relaxation, and increasing the blood supply into areas which are tight, or congested, whilst working on them.  Cold stones can also be used, to help drain away toxins that have built up, and also help remove lymph and swelling from affected areas.   This can be beneficial when working with sports injuries, or conditions such as artiritis, stress, back pain, and problems related to circulation, etc.