Tavistock Rugby Club, Sandy Park

Date:17 Oct, 2016

Client:Tavistock Rugby Club

Tavistock Rugby Club, Sandy Park

Following gaining her sports qualifications in 2007 Kirstie started to treat many of Tavistock Rugby Clubs player’s, from the first, second and third teams.  Offering treatments and advice to players who have suffered from a range of injuries, and also how to prevent them from occurring.

In 2009 Kirstie has also started working with the Girls at the rugby club, under 18s and under 15s teams, and went on their tour as their medic treating many different injuries, but specialising in left knees…as 6 of the players injured these during the weekend!!

By 2010 Kirstie was also working with the Colts, and helping with many different injuries, offering advice on stretching and warming up and down, as well as helping with growing pains, and nutrition advice.

Kirstie has players from all levels who have come to see her, from premiership clubs, to international players!